John J. Macron, Esq.

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throughout every area of its practice:
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Real Estate - Buyers

You've found it.

The house you never thought you would. But here it is and you've just got to buy it. But with legal contracts and bank requirements to settle, the purchase of a home can be complicated. Plus there's all that paperwork, those phone calls and photocopies to make.

You need Real Estate Lawyers family with New York laws to guide you and make sure you're doing the right thing. To ease your mind, The Law Office of John J. Macron, Esq. will be by your side every step of the way - from contract to closing.

We will review the binding contract of sale, before you sign. This ensures that your expectations are met and any pre-negotiations are worked out prior to entering a business relationship with the Seller side.

We will ensure that the bank mortgage pre-approval has an expiration date allows sufficient time for all other processes to take place.


We will continue to monitor the key mortgage expiration date for you and advise if an extension is required as the process moves along.

We will review the details of your mortgage commitment letter and advise if something is not right for you, before you sign it.

We will secure and review the title insurance policy, ensuring a smooth transfer.

We will order a lien search and confirm that the Seller is, in fact, in a position to sell the house.

We will advice you on acquiring a homeowner's insurance policy, which must be brought to the closing.

We will coordinate with the Seller side to secure pre-closing signatures, as necessary.

We will call you with the closing figures calculations, so you can be prepared with appropriate checks.

We will arrange the closing, which usually takes place at either the Seller's attorney's office or the Lender's office. At the closing, your Macron & Cowhey attorney will:

Remain at your side. Review and explain all closing documents. Resolve any transaction issues that may arise. Execute the transfer of tax documents. We will provide you (at post-closing) with a detailed transaction history that shows the allocation of money spent on the purchase of your home.